iSurprise Vinyl Hero

Hidden vinyl record showroom

Vinyl lovers

Vinyl Hero, located in an ordinary building in Sham Shui Po, is home to many vinyl record lovers. Paul, the owner has been operating the shop for over 30 years. Within the 600 square foot space, he has stored over 30,000 vinyl records, which only accounts for one-tenth of his treasured collection. Tell Paul your type of music genre, he will do his magic and find record to your liking. He rarely disappoints.

A life-changing record

Paul spent his childhood in Vietnam.Living in poverty during the Vietnam War, he would frequent the duty-free shops selling extra supplies from the U.S. soldiers. That’s where he found his first vinyl record, Cosmos Factory by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the rest is history.

I will keep my store rolling, even if someday I would be the the only one remaining record lover in Hong Kong.
— Paul

Environmentally friendly

Paul still holds dearly to the first record.His favourite song is “Who Will Stop the Rain” a protest to war and a call to environmental protection. “The operation of Vinyl Hero is also based on the notion of environmental protection – I collect used records and recommend them to other customers, with the hope of preserving the value”, shares Paul.

Keep rolling

In the past 50 years Paul has witnessed the love of his life slowly fading into a sunset business. When asked if he has ever thought about stepping down, he says “I will keep my store rolling, even if someday I will be the only one remaining record lover in Hong Kong”.

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