iEat Kabeer and Sons

Popular snack bar for babath, pasthol and other Malay short eats

Kabeer & Sons is most famous for their serving of pittu, filled with cooked cow stomach intestines.

Malay heritage

This quaint little shop doesn’t even have a signboard but people flock to it nonetheless. Initially catering to the navy and police personnel at their previous location, Kabeer and Sons now cater to anyone who is keen on having authentic Malay food. Most famous for their serving of pittu, babath (cooked stomach lining of cows) and kobal babath (milk intestines), the shop also sells pasthol, samosas, rolls and Malay short eats. Only a few shops in the country know how to get the babath right down to its most delicious note and Kabeer and Sons won the award for best babath in town.

Family business

The shop is now in its 2nd generation, Azar Sappideen is the son of the original founder Kabeer Sappideen. Many of the recipes are as they tasted 50 years ago, when they were prepared by Kabeer’s wife Nona Umma Sappideen.

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