iEat JAC (Jaffna Authentic Cafe)

Crab curry in a cosy setting

Actually, I'm from Vavuniya. But when I go to the South, the food is different. There is no difference between food in Jaffna and Vavuniya. Most of the Jaffna people like 'pittu'. It's the same in Vavuniya. Some of the Tamil-dominated regions add more spice and masala. But recently, people seem to prefer modern food over traditional food. However, I will always love traditional food.
— A visitor at JAC

True to its name

Jaffna Authentic Cuisine, also known as JAC Dining, is a culinary treasure in the heart of Jaffna. Make your way among trees and fairy lights to enjoy enticing, authentic dishes that beautifully capture the region's rich flavours and culinary heritage. Their menu is a carefully curated representation of Jaffna's diverse cuisine, featuring standout dishes like seafood noodles, mutton devilled, mutton pepper, and crab curry – a personal favourite of the iDiscover team. The portions are generous and can be split between two (unless you're truly ravenous!).

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