iEat Jaffna Market

A burst of flavours, smells and sounds

Prices of goods change a lot. We have gone through many price hikes. We can’t blame traders. The entire government should accept this responsibility. Times are tough, and everything is so expensive.
— a shopper

A sensory adventure

Welcome to the colourful world of northern Sri Lankan goods and produce! The Jaffna Market is filled with souvenirs that are hard to find elsewhere in Sri Lanka. Everything you need is at your disposal, from food and handicrafts to clothes and ornaments, but also an open-air section with fruits, vegetables, and other northern foodstuffs.

Colourful spices, syrup and homemade snacks are aplenty; their warm, sweet and strong smells fill the air. Walking around here is a multi-sensory experience that will leave you in love with Jaffna, its food, and its people.

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