iSee 10 Fantasia

Anti-corruption office reincarnated as artist fantasy land

Cradle of Macau local artwork

St. Lazarus is slowly becoming the creative hub of Macao. This building used to be offices of Comissariado contra a Corrupção (Commission against Corruption) but is now the centrepiece of Macao’s contemporary art scene.

Arts for everyone

Here is a true treasure chest of Macau Art. Art is everywhere, even in the staircases, courtyards and corridors. Don’t come here for high-brow art, it is a fun and interactive place with work from local artists, displaying anything from paintings to photography and even children’s art.

Most of the people who come here are young, I think they like this kind of artistic place.

Nice to know

10 Fantasia regularly invites creative groups to curate exhibitions.

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