iEat 3 Sardines

Original Macanese flavours in colourful ambience

Local flavours

Run by a Jovens Macaenses (ethnic Chinese/Portuguese mix) this semi-private kitchen is where you go for a contemporary Macanese dining experience: that irresistible blend of Chinese and Portuguese flavours.

Our pick

The Portuguese fried rice is a must- try! (MOP$90). Other signature dishes include African chicken (MOP$190) and baked pork trotter (MOP$190).

The food is good! Small portions, so suitable for ladies. If you wanna to sit in the TAP airline seat (taken from old flight) from last centuries, please make reservation!

Colour contrast

Before owner Carlos Wong opened his restaurant, he was a successful interior designer. Adding an extra dimension to the culinary experience, the inviting warm colours on the ground floor evolve into cool and calming blues as you go up the stairs. The ambience certainly works up an appetite!

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