iSurprise Art Exhibition Pavilion

The campo's old hockey clubhouse

Hockey Clubhouse

For decades field hockey was Macao’s most popular sport and the Campo, or hockey field, was the centre of action for the Macanese community. The yellow two-storey building has become an artistic centre.

Nice to know

The c architect Gasto Borges, liked to mix Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Portuguese architectural styles. He also  designed the Leal Senado Building at Macao’s UNESCO listed square.

The design of the building is fresh and elegant, it gives a different sense of time. I like it because there are so many different exhibits.

Local children’s art

The former club house is now a place for young artists to hang out, exhibit and perform. The interior has some funky touches and it has a popular programme featuring drama, music, dance, movie screenings and fashion shows.

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