iSee Casa Memorativa Sun Yat Sen

Inspiring Sun Yat-Sen's Chinese revolution

Revolutionary breeding ground

This is the family house of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the 'founding father of Modern China’. Macao is a place with a close relationship with Sun Yat-sen. It was him who in 1911 overthrew the last Royal Dynasty and made China a Republic. This was the house where he lived for a while in the early 20th century and allegedly formed his revolutionary ideas.

This building is very unique. You feel special when you walk inside and you also learn something about China's modern history.

An intimate glimpse

The Moorish-Chinese style Sun mansion is worth a visit just to marvel at the parquet floored rooms, spacious veranda’s and cosy courtyards. Browse through books, letters and photographs for an intimate glimpse in the life of Sun’s family.

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