iSee Cheok Chai Un Fok Tak Chi

Celebrating the god of the earth

God of the Earth

In the middle of the market is a tiny temple honouring the god of the land, Fok Tak, a popular God in Macao: three temples are devoted to this god. This one is both the smallest and the oldest, dating back to 1882 when this area was still a wild forest.

Male or female?

Fok Tak is a God without a clear gender.  Sometimes displayed as a male, sometimes female, but often like here in the form of an elderly couple.

The festivals are boisterous. There are free traditional Chinese plays to watch, both neighbours and tourists will come here to watch.

Bamboo theatre

The second day of the Lunar New Year in February is the Birthday of the Earth God. Every year, bamboo scaffolding is erected over the small alley and the place is transformed into an opera theatre to celebrate his birthday. This traditional pop-up theatre is called Cheok Chai Un Fok Tak Chi drama.

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