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Treasure trove filled with vintage finds

Our favourites

In addition to the vintage stuff TC also carries some cool contemporary labels, like the handcrafted wooden postcards from notdecidedyet, Hong Kong homemade joove cha jam, 24 urban bottles and croz photocameras.

Macao flea market

Macao collectore is the passion project of TC, who wanted to bring something different to the Macao retail scene. When this old workshop space at the charming cobblestoned St. Miguel street became available he jumped at the opportunity. Now in its fifth version but quickly gathering a loyal following of locals, the Macao Fleamarket gathers likeminded entrepreneurs from Macao and Hong Kong.

There may not be many people who come to this area, but those who do really like this kind of stuff
— TC, owner

Treasure trove

It is impossible to enter this store without falling in love: art deco lampshades, original leica cameras, antique clocks, vintage handbags and one-of-a-kind jewellery. You'll find that unique piece to update your wardrobe or home.

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