iSee G32 Gallery

Lovingly restored original Macanese shop house

Typical shophouse

This is what life in a typical Tong-Lau (shop house) looked like in the 1960s and 1970s. This narrow three-story building with a rickety staircase has been completely kitted out with vintage singer sewing machines, retro floral wallpaper and period furniture.

Labour of love

G32 Gallery is a great example of a successful restoration project. In 2011 a typhoon hit the building, crumbling its roof top and causing serious leakage. It was then that the owners decided to move out but not until they had found tenants who were willing to preserve the structure of the building. It was the Creative Industries Promotion Association that repurposed it as a cultural space.

I like the retro elements, you rarely see those nowadays.

Nice to know

Don’t miss the roof top, from which you can see how Macau’s back alleys and old architecture are set against the newer and modern backdrop. Also, the beautiful restored building is now open to the public, there are free tours on every Saturday and Sunday from 3-5pm.

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