iSee Jardim Lou Lim Ioc

A tycoon's private Suzhou inspired sanctuary

Private garden retreat

Here was the once private garden retreat of local tycoon Lou Kau. Lou was a true pioneer and is credited with bringing the first casino to Macau. At the end of the 19th century the Lou family was Macao’s richest and most influential family.

Suzhou style garden

True classic Suzhou style is followed through into the smallest details harmoniously blending nature with traditional Chinese architecture. Have a rest in one of the serene bamboo shaded pavilions with pitched ornamental roofs, admire the intriguing sculptures and spectacular rock formations or enjoy the lotus ponds with meandering bridges. The park is very popular among locals, young and old come here to practice tai chi, play music, chess or just relax.

it is rare to see a large area of greenery in the urban area of Macao, after entering the park, it brings me to the early Republic of China.

The garden’s hidden secrets

Magic lotus pond: The garden’s lotus pond is not just a pretty lake, it also helps to prevent flooding in the low-lying Tap Seac area. Secret hiding place: Lou’s garden was a secret meeting place for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and his fellow revolutionaries when they were planning to their overthrow the Chinese imperial regime.

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