iShop Kei Lei Shoes

Last-of-its-kind traditional shoe maker

Macao’s ‘youngest’ shoe maker

In the old days, hand-made shoes were popular; there used to be more than 100 shoes shops in Macao. Kei Lei is one of the few remaining. Mr. Lee started when he was just 11 years old and has been in the business for over 50 years, but is affectionately called ‘the youngest shoe maker in Macao’ as many of his peers have long retired.

Nice to know

Mr. Lee likes to wear a pair of self-made old style leather slippers at work.

These days it’s getting more difficult to get the raw materials, even to buy the glue I have to travel to mainland China.
— Mr. Lee, Kei Lei Shoes owner

Dancing shoes

All shoes sold in this shop are handcrafted by Mr. Kei. He is well known across Macau for his half size models and has a loyal following among the city’s professional dancers, who come here for customised design shoes with a perfect fit. A pair of simple sandals cost MOP 200 and take about two days to a week to make.

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