iSurprise Macau Holy House of Mercy

Quaint courtyard with charming corner shop and café

Refuge for the poor

For centuries this lovely leafy courtyard complex was used as a hostel for the poor. Founded by Macao’s first bishop Melchior Carneiro, it was built for people in need. It was also here that many WWII refugees found shelter. At its peak, the albergue accommodated more than a hundred refugees.

Chinese spinsters house

After the war the albergue became an ‘Old Ladies House’. In a time when arranged marriages were commonplace, a home like this was often the only way out. This life choice came with a ‘dress code’; the Chinese spinsters braided their hair Sor Hei style.

I really like this exhibition, it is not crowded and a nice place to have a cup of coffee after visiting.
— Louis Wong, tourist

Home for the arts and creatives

Since 1996, artistic and creative types have occupied the units dotted around the picturesque courtyard. Albergue SCM is now a cultural incubator and exhibition space.

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