iDrink Sam Pou Bingsutt

Retro-dining in a hipster version of a traditional bingsutt

Bing Sutt

Thought the traditional bing sutt was dead? This is a modern day reinterpretation of an old school. A fun, retro-themed café responding to the powerful draw of nostalgia, reliving those joyful moments of the past.

Cool eatery

Bingsutt literally means ‘ice chamber’, as back in the sixties most homes were not fitted with air-conditioners. These eateries were and so people would go there to enjoy the cool air.

Bingsutt is close to our heart. The dishes, the atmosphere and the menu are all full of nostalgia.

Sam Po

The name ‘Sam Po’ literally means three treasures referring the menu’s most popular dishes: French toast, porkchop bun and instant noodles with pork jowl sunny-side egg in home-made cheese sauce.

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