iSee St. Lazarus' Church

Church for the poor, sick and needy

Leprosy colony

St. Lazarus is one of Macao’s oldest churches. Its simple austere design reflects the history of the church as a place for the poor, sick and needy. In the 16th century São Lázaro was a leper colony outside of the city walls.

From wooden shed to Cathedral

The building you see today is from 1895, it may be one of Macao’s oldest churches, but the building itself isn’t really that old. The stone cross Cruz da Esperanca (Cross of Hope) in the courtyard is the only artefact from the original church.

This quaint building takes me back to the old century.

Community welfare

St. Lazarus Church stays true to its roots: it is still at the forefront of caring for the sick and needy. Next to the church is the Pious Asylum of St. Joseph clinic, where patients are welcome for both Chinese and Western treatments. The church complex also has a school, day-care and welfare centre for the elderly.

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