iSurprise Tai Fung Tong Art House

Chinese art in a stunning Macanese mansion

East meets west mansion

Featuring a mix of Chinese and European architectural styles, this ornate mansion is a true reflection of unique Macanese culture and style. Originally built as a Catholic school, donated to the community by local philanthropist Choi Lok Chi, a wealthy businessman and founder of the Macao Chamber of Commerce.

Youth & Art

Now it is a popular exhibition space for Chinese art with over 300 pieces donated by private collectors, from the Neolithic Age until modern China including anything calligraphy, sculptures, ceramics and paintings but also chandeliers and bird cages.

I love to teach calligraphy here to promote traditional Chinese culture.
— Chunheng Choi, Macao calligrapher

Nice to know

In 2006, a film director Johnnie To, used the building as a luxury hotel in his movie ‘Exiled’.

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