iEat Thai Shake

Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese and Indonesian flavours

Authentic Thai flavours

Dating back to the days of the renowned Thai masseuses at the nearby Estoril Hotel, Rua de Abreu Nunes is where the Thai community settled and brought cafes, restaurants and grocery stores to the neighbourhood. Although the golden days of the Estoril are long gone, this is still where locals come for authentic Thai cuisine.

I am committed to bringing the taste of Thailand to the streets of Macao.

Indonesians, Burmese and Vietnamese

It’s not just Thai, this neighbourhood has become home to many ethnic groups particularly from Indonesia and Burma. Escaping social unrest in their own countries where in the 1950’s and 60’s the Chinese population was expelled, many came to Macau. Some of the Burmese Chinese even made the journey overland through Northern Burma and South China. A great place for truly authentic Burmese, Vietnamese and Indonesian fare.

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