iSurprise A Lady in Distress

An unexpected encounter

It happened 7 years ago. My body shivers when I even think of it. This entity possessed me and controlled my body. I knew something was wrong but I wasn’t able to do anything about it.

Those who knew me well saw that something was not right with me. I had lost control of my own body, my actions, my words and even my thoughts for over a month. I was stuck in an eternal hunger for over a month, and apparently, I even ate an entire rice cooker full of rice with pol sambol made for the entire family.

I didn't even know her. I heard she was a Montessori teacher who died of cancer. Later, I also received a “wish” from Goddess Pattini that I could foresee events before they happened.

When she was in control of my body, not even seven or eight men could hold me down. It scared my family.
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