iSee Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

The life of the early colonial administrators

Understand island life

This pastel green coloured building is the place to go to comprehend the amazing transformation of Taipa and Coloane islands. Experience what life was like on the islands prior to reclamation through old maps, photographs and memorabilia from the fireworks and fishing industry once so predominant on the island.

Government House

In the early 20th century this building was the island’s municipal council.

The glass floor makes people feel like they are really walking on the archaeological sites.
— Wilson Wang, tourist

Number Eight

Walking up the red-carpeted stairway you will find a set of eight ancient weapons guarding the two sides. Throughout the house the number eight keeps reappearing: there are four doors on two sides and the upper floor has eight windows. This design embodies the Chinese idiom seipingbaatwan, meaning ‘everything steady and stable’; clearly it was the Portuguese government’s intention to build up a rock-solid administrative structure in Taipa.

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