iSee Pak Tai Temple

For bad weather and evil pirates

For bad weather and evil pirates

The impressive red façade of the Pak Tai temple dominates the Taipa village square. It was built in honor of the god that protects the community from bad weather and pirate attacks.

Village celebrations

Back in the days, each year on the birthday of Pak Tai (the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month) the square transformed into a giant festival area. A bamboo stage was put up for Cantonese opera performances, food and drink was plentiful and served on long wooden tables. Villagers came to pay respect to their god with burning joss sticks and incense.

A must-see is the set of large incense sticks that cannot be seen in Japan.

Crowdfunded village theater

The annual celebrations were so popular, the villagers wanted a real theater. In 1945 they raised one thousand dollars to build Quan Yi theater. It was little more than a wooden shed, but incredibly popular for Cantonese opera, stunt shows, movies, political campaigns and school graduation ceremonies. The bamboo structure was replaced by a new building ‘Hai Boa’ located opposite Pak Tai Temple, but sadly it lost its original function.

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