iShop Pastelaria Fong Kei

A must-have Macao souvenir

Fong Kei for local delicacies

The bakery is a family-owned business with over 100 years of history in Taipa. In the early days Fong Kei also had a teahouse upstairs, but when in the 60’s the firecracker industry started to dwindle, the loss of local population was a big hit to many of the local small businesses like Fong Kei. They had to close their teahouse and only the bakery was left. Luckily with the opening of Macau-Taipa bridge in 1974, the bakery business bloomed once again.

The packaging may not be fancy, but we still have many people queuing up every day.

Almond cookies with pork

For a truly authentic Taipa souvenir, bring back Fong Kei’s almond cookies with pork. This may sound like an odd combination, but is yummy!

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