iSee Sam Po Temple

Fighting pirates from the dragon cave

Tin Hau’s big sister

The temple was built by a local fisherman in the days when pirate attacks were a main worry for the Taipa villagers. It was not until 1847 that the Portuguese decided to take matters into their own hands and build a fortress to defend Taipa from pirates. It helped, as the Portuguese prominence on the island grew, the pirates stayed away.

I saw a Japanese cat at the entrance, so cute at this solemn place.

Sam Po procession

Inside the temple, on your right you find a small room with a small wooden carriage jiao. The beautifully wooden sculpted chair was used to carry ‘the statue of Sam Po’ in a procession. These processions took place when the village was threatened by diseases and natural disasters. For the last 30 years, Sam Po has stayed in her cave, so times in Taipa must be good.

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