iDrink See Kei Cafe

Vintage café serving original clay pot coffee

Clay pot coffee

Sei Kee Café was originally a small outdoor tea stall at a Macau hilltop with a loyal following of locals who came here for the signature clay pot coffee and tea. Brewed the old-fashioned way on a charcoal fire the coffee has a unique smoky flavour.

If I don’t preserve this coal fired coffee to more people, very soon, this local coffee culture will be eliminated.
— Alvin Au, 3rd generation successor of Sei Kee Café

Inheritance and innovation

Meet Alvin Au, 3rd generation successor and grandson of Sei Kee Café’s original founder who abandoned a successful career in advertising and fashion to re-design this old family business. The menu preserves the traditional taste of old Macau with original clay pot coffee and egg omelettes. But Au has brought in his design skills to create a cool café with wooden stools, sketches and retro packaging that appeals to hip youngsters as well as elderly who come here for a feeling of nostalgia.

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