iEat Vong Kei Cafe

Have a milk tea in this original cha chaan teng

Local teahouse

Vong Kei is an authentic cha chaa teng or tea house where locals go for breakfast, lunch and tea. Owner Leong Vong (梁旺) first had a grocery store selling fruits, soft drinks, beers and cigarettes and in the 1950s expanded into a café responding to the booming lunch crowds of workers from the firecracker factory. Vong Kei’s interior hasn’t changed much since the 1950’s, the original art deco beams and floor tiles still intact.

Everytime I eat here I think back of the days when my parents would take me here as a child.

Breakfast or tea?

Enjoy a typical local breakfast of instant noodles with egg and/or spam served with milk tea (MOP$ 24). Don’t miss the sweet buns and Chinese cupcakes topped with raisins and walnuts, all freshly baked in house. On a hot day try an ice milk tea (MOP$ 15).

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