iSurprise Wetland in Avenida da Praia

A home for rare birds and lots of lotus flowers

Change of view

Avenida da Praia literally translates as ‘beach boulevard’. Once the Macau houses enjoyed a gentle sea breeze at a sandy strip overlooking the open water... Today’s view is considerably less romantic with the Cotai hotel towers looming across a stretch of marshy lands.

Wetland rehabilitation

Still these wetlands are home to some very special species and a recent rehabilitation project has successfully brought back rare birds and lots of lotus flowers into the lake. Take a moment to enjoy the open space and imagine what life was like here in the last century.

I often come here for morning exercise, the air is fresh and it has a great view.
— Doris Lo, freelancer

Lusofonia Festival

The charming setting is the stage of the annual Lusofonia Festival, a celebration for the Portuguese speaking communities in Macao. Every year in October the Praia becomes a festival ground with food, culture, music and arts performances.

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