iDrink Mother Roaster

70-year-old barista in hidden vintage café

  • 1172 Soi Chareonkrung 22, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100
  • Open daily 10 am-6pm

Auntie Pim

This alley with lots of street art and scrap metal shops, is one of those hidden gems that make Talad Noi so special. Mother Roaster is a lovely café on the second floor of what looks like just another warehouse with spare parts. Auntie Pim and her son rented this old shack and refurbished the upper floor into an elegant coffee bar with the 70-year-old barista passing on her home-grown roasting skills to the next generation. You can choose how you like your coffee; black, strong, not sour, organic, not sweet, this was my choice.

We Roast, We Brew, We Serve with Handcrafted Passion.
— Auntie Pim
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