iSee The So Heng Tai Mansion

Chill antique Chinese courtyard house

Traditional mansion

So Heng Tai Mansion is over 230 years old, passed down from one generation to another. It is an elegant, rustic, nineteenth-century Chinese courtyard house belonging to one of Thailand’s oldest Chinese noble families. Built by a Hokkien Chinese magnate with ancestry from Fujian, China, today it is a scuba diving company and coffee/tea house. The mansion's story began in the late 18th century when the Chinese immigrant, So Heng Tai, decided to settle in Thailand. It is one of the last remaining traditional Chinese houses in Bangkok and claims to be the oldest private residence in the city.

There is a historical, cultural, and sentimental value tied to this house.

Have a drink

The traditional home has been turned into a very chill hangout space, and you can order Som Tam or sip iced coffees on the balconies overlooking the courtyard. As a tribute to the owners and also to help sustain the place it’s a good idea to order something, just taking photographs won’t go down that well.

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