iSurprise FAZIL and MILAN



Fazil exemplifies passion of place. When people started to lose faith in the future of Slave Island, he stood up. His portrait redefines the prestige and values of the tight-knit community. The connection to place helped him navigate an emotionally turbulent time. His portrait sits there as a small, thoughtful gesture, opening a cascade of possibilities on how the community perceives and values art, a reminder of someone who dared to turn #DreamsToReality.


Milan is ubiquitous in the alleys of Slave Island. In the evenings he runs a small food stall right beside his portrait. His presence on the wall defines how people live here. Milan's #Ubiquitary breaks the barrier in the most elemental, yet humane way. His #WalltoStreet and #StreettoWall existence recalibrate how he is emotionally and culturally attached to the place. Slave Island will not be complete if Milan is not there. His impression on the wall and in real life cannot be comprehended in silos; it has to be cherished in its union, in its totality.

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