iEat Luk Yu Tea House & Restaurant

Dim sum in a venerable teahouse with an Art Deco interior

“Luk Yu is named after the famed Tang Dynasty poet Lu Yu, who had a lifelong obsession with tea.

Historical dim sum

When it opened in 1933, Luk Yu was one of Hong Kong’s most luxurious teahouses. More than 80 years later, it still retains a venerable atmosphere, thanks in part to its Art Deco interior.

Old and new

Though you wouldn’t know it from its vintage decor, present-day Luk Yu dates back to 1966, when its original building was torn and replaced by a 14-storey structure. Most of the furniture dates back to its original years, though.

Tea master

Luk Yu is named after the famed Tang Dynasty poet Lu Yu, who was born in 733. When he was a young student, Lu came across an underground spring, whose water he used to brew tea. He found the taste extraordinary, which led him to realize how important good water was to brewing tea. That sparked a lifelong obsession with tea, which informed much of his literary output, including The Classic of Tea, an homage to Chinese tea culture.

Recommended dishes

Don’t miss the old-school dim sum like pork liver with pork balls (釀豬潤燒賣), shrimp cakes (蝦多士) and egg tarts (蛋撻).

Reserved for regulars

Don’t try sitting upstairs – the entire first floor is unofficially reserved for long-time regular customers.

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