iShop One Wanchai

Former Bauhaus-influenced market

Today only a plaque on the outside reminds us of the once bustling market.

Old Wan Chai market

This Streamline Moderne building was a Hong Kong icon for years, not only because of its distinctive symmetrical rounded shape but even more for its function as one of Hong Kong’s busiest wet markets. The building was actually scheduled to be demolished in 2007 to make way for a luxury residential complex. Because so much of old Wan Chai was already lost at that point it became a hot topic and led to fierce protests by local residents. In the end the building was partially saved from the wrecker's ball.

One Wan Chai

Instead of outright demolition, a design was adopted whereby a 148-metre residential tower, One Wan Chai, sits on top of the 12-metre-tall market. Just the façade has been preserved, almost beyond recognition. Only a plaque on the outside reminds us of the once bustling market.

Lifestyle, flowers & organic café

The first floors of the old market building are now home to upmarket furniture retailer OVO studio, the lovely organic OVO café and flower shop OVO garden. Its design pays homage to the original use of the building and you’ll find plenty of design references to the market. Thanks to the flowers the smells are a lot more pleasant than in the past.

Oldest post office in town

Built in 1913, the charming L-shaped building across the road originally was a police station, then served the neighbourhood as a post office for 77 years before being reincarnated into an Environmental Resource Centre with the originalpitched-roof structure still intact.The old post boxes now hold pamphlets on re-use, reduce and recycle. The environmental centre is open for public, managed by Environmental Protection Department.

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