iShop Po Hing Fong

Quiet backstreet filled with hidden gems

Many buildings around this area start with ‘Po’, meaning treasure.

PoHo – A treasure hunt

This area around Po Hing Fong is often referred to as PoHo.Many buildings start with ‘Po’, meaning treasure. With such an abundance of cool galleries and cafés next to old metal or woodworking shops, it’s like hunting for treasures indeed. Don’t forget to take the steps up Pound Lane to Tai On Terrace for even more hidden gems.

Our Po Hing Fong favorite

..would be Po’s Atelier, which sells artisans bread with a twist. Japanese celebrity chef Masami Asano’s creations include bread flavoured with oolong tea and figs. Only the freshest ingredients are used, such as homemade soymilk and goat cheese from a farm in Yunnan, and all loaves are additive-free.

Nice to know

In the old days Sun Yat-Sen used to host revolutionaries and hold meetings in what is now Po’s Atelier.

Yoga BamBam

A short walk up from Po Hing Fong is the lovely Tai On Terrace, where you find yoga studio Yoga BamBam. Taking full advantage this peaceful urban oasis, they offer an innovative program that includes regular yoga classes but also yoga hip hop and ecstatic yoga dance parties.

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