iSurprise Star Street Precinct

Exciting cultural collaborations infuse a new creative energy into old-school business

Square grid of charming streets where East meets West and old meets new.

Sun, moon and stars

In 1889 Hong Kong Electric built the island’s first power plant on the junction of Star Street and Electric Road. The energy output was barely enough to provide power for 50 light bulbs, but it was a landmark moment, illuminating the first streets of Hong Kong Island at night. The streets around the power plant were named according to the Chinese classic verse of ‘Three luminaries – the sun, the moon and the stars’.

New lease of life

When energy demand started to increase, Hong Kong Electric built new power plants in North Point and in 1922 the Star Street plant was no longer needed and this quiet part of town started to transform.

Wan Chai’s retailing reputation dates back to 1840 when the Canton Bazaar was established where Pacific Place is today. Already in those days it was tremendously popular with ‘ladies from the Peak’ and still today probably Hong Kong’s most successful retail concept.

Star Street Precinct

Is home to plenty of hip and unique shops, cafés, galleries, restaurants and private kitchens. Injecting creative energy in the community and triggering innovative collaborations with old businesses. Wander around and you’ll be bound to stumble upon something you like. Get lost in the maze of backstreet alleys and urban terraces.

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