iSurprise Dhal ni Pol

Beautiful renovated Havelis ( luxurious large housing unit)), vibrant colours, wood carvings and a strong community feel.

Dhal nu Plol marks the genesis of urban living in Ahmedabad.

Living in harmony

This is one of the oldest and most celebrated pols of Astodia area, it has a very strong community connect and harmony amongst people living there. You can see it in the houses - many renovated and conserved traditional homes here - and hear in the stories - the pol is home to a number of businesses and NGOs.

On a hill

Dhal ni Pol marks the genesis of urban living in Ahmedabad. It literally means ‘the sloping neighbourhood’. It slopes down from a hillock which is said tube the highest point of gated Ahmedabad.


Here you find a beautiful example of a traditional bird feeders, a very important character of pols and old city that is deeply engraved with the culture of Gujarat

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