iSurprise Doshivada ni Pol

An exquisite pol of goldsmiths and Jains

This pol was once a microcosm of the entire city!
— trustee at the Simandhar Mandir Haveli

Jain stronghold

Doshiwada ni Pol is a Jain community stronghold. Jainism is an ancient Indian religion based on values of peaceful coexistence and nonviolence as spelled out in the holy teachings of 24 spiritual teachers called tirthankaras. All 24 are enshrined in the ancient Jain temple of carved marble in this pol.

A beauty in white marble

This pol is known for its beautifully carved houses and their exquisitely decorated facades. Dodhia Haveli is one of them, now a boutique hotel you can spend the night. Originally the home of goldsmiths, the main roads are lined with small jewellery shops. Check out the the ornamental bird feeders or chabutaras. One is inlaid with stained glass, a rare reminder of colonial influence.

At the bank of a river

The shopkeeper at Shah Ratanchand Karamchand, a Jain religious items shop at the south gate of the Pol, overlooking the majestic Harkuvar Sethani ni Haveli shares: “This is where the Sabarmati river once flowed, right along this road. Now it’s dried up but the Fernandez Bridge is still there”.

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