iSurprise Fatasa ni Pol

A quintessential Jain pol of temples and beautiful Havelis

This pol is of great significance to the Jain community of the city. There’s not a single Jain in Ahmedabad who hasn’t visited this temple!
— Harshadhbai, long-time resident and shopowner

A pol of many pols

Fatasa Pol has countless intricately carved, beautiful havelis, home to many successful Hindu and Jain entrepreneurs, mill-owners, cotton industrialists and jewellers. ”The owner of Nutan Textile Mill lived right here” says an eager Harshadbhai, pointing to the remains of an old Haveli. Many houses with beautiful polished wood carving, and bright coloured walls dot the nine pols within this pol- Navi pol, Brahmpur, Hirabhai, Lala no khancho, Deravalo khancho, Kanti pol, Kachrasa ni Khadki, Matradev ni Pol, Fatasha ni Khadki.

Famous Jain temple

All three Jain temples in the pol are celebrated and maintained gloriously by their patrons, but the large temple across the road from the entrance of the pol is extremely sacred and revered. “There’s not a single Jain in Ahmedabad who wouldn’t have visited this temple!“ - proudly says Harshadhbai, a long-time resident and shoshop ownerasily over 1000 years old, it tells a story of compassion and harmony: “A long time ago, a Muslim dewan found a wooden murti (idol) of Swami Mahaveer and gave it to the Jain priest. He soon built a grand temple around the idol, and also remade the idol in marble.”

Old school water management

This pol is one of the few places in town with original lime-plastered water harvesting tanks in its havelis.

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