iSurprise Jetha Bhai Ni Pol

One of the oldest and richest pols of Khadia with its unique character and large Havelis

This used to be one of the most affluent neighborhoods...the likes of great Sheths and their families would reside here in very beautiful havelis
— Tigendra Bhatt, priest and resident of Jethabhai Pol

Place of merchants

Jethabhai ni Pol is named after a merchant who flourished in the 18th century. His family home ‘Jethabhai ni Haveli’ is also here. Plenty of temples for good karma and close to the business hub of the current Gandhi Road area, made it a favourite among the upper-class merchants who built their many beautifully adorned havelis in this neighbourhood, including the ‘Vaarso’ Heritage Foundation

Room with a view

At the end of the Pol lies a large Haveli with red lime-plastered walls and ornate wooden doors. You may want to knock on the door, from the terrace you have an amazing view of the expanse of Khadia and beyond, a favourite spot for the annual kite flying festival in January.

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