iEat Juna Sherbajarvada

Over 100-year old traditional Gujarati snack shop, original of what is now a popular chain

  • B/H Police Chowky, Kandoi Pole Corner, Manek Chowk, Khadia
  • 7:30 am to 8:30 pm
We have very loyal customers and our commitment to quality is such that even first-timers tend to keep coming back for more…like you will! I’m sure you will find your way back here
— Nandankumar Nagar, shop owner

Prime location

This unique street-side shop is filled to the brim with boxes of snacks, and a small window to peep into contains over a century of history! For centuries traders gathered under the popular banyan tree and go about their transactions. Nandankumar’s great-grandfather, Mr. Kuberlal started selling dry snacks (chavanu), over the years, his popularity grew and they opened this small shop at the foot of the colonial stock market building.

An ever-growing menu

What began with a humble five types of chavanu, has now grown to a list of over 25 items! With decades of tried and tested recipes, a few hot favourites have been chosen by loyal customers. The Mixed chanvanu, with a bit of sweet, tangy, spicy and salty flavours has 13 types of snacks mixed in it. An explosion of many flavours at once, this one is best enjoyed with a cup of chai from the many vendors next door, or soon after a lipsmacking pani-puri!

Keeping up with changing times

The long list of well-loved munchables includes bakharwadi, sukhawada, tam-tam, dal mixtures and even sweets like soan papdi. The dry snacks and a few sweets can be ordered online now, or enjoyed from the comfort of one’s home through a home delivery service, for a minimal extra charge, Ahmedabadis take their food very seriously, but their comfort and laziness even more so!

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