iEat Manek Chowk

The street food bazaar that never sleeps

This market has flourished and evolved since decades. People from all walks of life, all faiths and with varying tastes come here to relish the sights, smells and tastes of our market!
— Imtiyaz, Manek Sandwiches stall

A space that changes face

As a space that changes its character multiple times from dawn to dusk, Manek Chowk or Manek Square is the liveliest square of Ahmedabad. Transitioning from a quiet cattle-feeding place early morning, to an extension of the fruit and vegetable market, and to a jewellery hub during the day, onto a bustling street food market - this square sees it all!

An experience for all your senses!

A quick stroll through the market during evening shall envelop you in whiffs of sizzling spices and oodles of cheese and butter as they are poured on just about every dish! From savoury and spicy items like pav bhaji, chaat, veg pulav to decadently sweet chocolate sandwiches, kulfis and ice-creams - one can find a variety of tantalizing options here. The food market begins to be set up soon after sunset, and is open well post-midnight. Any true Amdavadi swears by the authentic Amdavadi creations served here!

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