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Pol of carpenters, with some beautifully restored houses

Meet Me at Khadia’ is a group that fights for the preservation of the pol culture in Ahmedabad and keeping the neighbourhood’s unique heritage alive.

Home of carpenters

The name of this pol means ‘the neighbourhood of carpenters’ and here you find stunning houses with intricate wooden brackets and facades. Near the northern entrance stands the haveli of Jivkar Somnathrujidas, resident of the pol from 1927 to 1978, born into a family of skilled carpenters and woodworkers. The three storey house has some unique colonial influences, such as a European plinth with oblong windows and gothic elements.

Heritage House

Jagdipbhai Mehta’s Heritage House was one of the first restored heritage home-stays of the city. This age-old haveli represents a typical Ahmedabad house, with a central courtyard and elegant façade. He even restored the traditional water harvesting system, a 15 000 litre tanka. “It is like an extended living area, I also store my musical instruments here. We like having people over for small performances and musical events” says Mr. Mehta.

Meet me at Khadia

Another heritage house - with rich wood carvings and Italian marble flooring - belongs to Mr. Ashish Mehta, a well-known figure in the local community and founder of “Meet Me at Khadia”, a group that fights for the preservation of the pol culture in Ahmedabad and the neighbourhood’s unique heritage. Ashishbhai - as he is known locally - is happy to share some of his insider secrets. Or even better, stay in his house. The top floor has been converted into a home stay. Expect no luxuries here, but immerse into the local way of living.

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