iSee Old Hanuman Temple

Small ancient temple with big beliefs and huge following

The faith in this Hanuman temple is such that followers from all over Ahmedabad flock here. Many people believe in the powers of this temple, and nobody goes back unfulfilled
— Rakeshbhai Bhatt, Temple priest

Temple of the monkey god

Only 200 years old, the temple was built when a by passer found an idol of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god that is immensely popular in India. The idol now sits in a beautiful dome of white and coloured mosaic by the edge of the main road, mouth wide open: “The sun rises from this side” points the priest towards Gandhi road, “he’s hungry and ready to swallow the upcoming sun”.

Special occasion

Other Hanuman temples are open for regular ceremonial rites, but this one only twice a year. Come here on the auspicious night of Full Moon - your chance to witness a beautiful procession - or on Lord Hanuman’s birthday.

Hanuman merchandise

Rakeshbhai Bhatt, the temple priest hands out taveez or sacred bands, along with a prayer. Hanuman is so popular that dotted around the temple, you find a ‘Hanuman’ tea stall, pakodi centre, grocery shop and many other devoted businesses. Not affiliated with the temple, but definitely with a blessing!

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