iSee Old Stock Exchange

The second oldest stock market in India after Bombay

Under the banyan tree

This building was the old office of the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. Dating back to 1894, it is the second oldest exchange in India after the Bombay Stock Exchange. It all started under a banyan tree, where now the water tank is. There in the shade of the tree, buyers and sellers would sit and trade. One of the old uncles remembers: “My grandfather always told me, how noisy and busy it was here during the day and how quiet at night.”

It all started under a banyan tree. There in the shade of the tree, buyers and sellers would sit and trade.
— Nandnan Kumar, Owner Juna Share Bazaar Chavanawala

Colonial architecture

What started under the tree moved into this grand building in the early 20th-century. One of the few examples of typical British colonial architecture in Ahmedabad. The stock exchange operated from here until 1996, when it moved to a new office on the other side of the Sabarmati river.

Have some snacks

Nestled right at the entrance you will find a small snack shop named Juna Share Bazaar Chavanawala, which was set up around the same time as the stock exchange. It quickly became the favourite hangout snack shop of the traders. Nandnan Kumar, the owner, shares: “Our best-selling item is the Mix Chavana. It is so popular that when locals visit their relatives abroad, they specifically ask for this, it goes well with tea and for mindless munching”.

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