iEat Panachand Halvawala

100-years-old traditional shop, famous for traditional Gujarati milkcake

To make one plate of doodh halva takes three three hours. The secret to perfect consistency
— Ambalal Panachand

Milk bar since 1936

It was 1936 when Ambalal Panachand started experimenting with flavours in his small shophouse and he came up with doodh halva - a decadent mix of milk and sugar, boiled to perfection! Since then, countless plates of this sweet dish have been sold to regular customers who swear by its flavour! Other long-time favourites include doodh (milk), dahi (curd) and basundi (milk porridge).

Making milk cake

To make one plate of doodh halva takes three hours. The intensive process involves coagulate the sugar and boiling to reach perfect consistency. In this plate of goodness, there are no extra added flavours - only milk and sugar. In and around the region, the sweet is known by various names such as thabdi, halvo etc.

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