iSurprise Rajamehta ni Pol

A quiet pol next to Tankshal market with lots of historic houses

We don’t know who Raja Mehta was, but in this pol, we all welcome each other like Rajas (kings)!
— Pramodbhai, old resident of the pol

A welcoming neighbourhood

Right next to Tankshal Market is the gated entrance to the RajaMehta ni Pol. This quiet neighbourhood shows traces of a glorious past, with intricate buildings and a host of smaller pols within it. Every evening women and children gather at their verandahs (otlas) to play, share stories and watch the world go by. Mrs. Pramodbhai a long-time resident says: “We welcome visitors with open arms in our pol. While a lot of new residents and businesses have come up here, we still retain the friendliness our pol has always been known for“.

A special temple

Inside the pol is the ‘totada mata” a hundred year old temple dedicated to the Goddess of speech. Children who stutter or have other speech difficulties come here from far to seek blessing.

Claim to fame

Mrs. Pramodbhai shows us a special little nook ‘Jahanpanah ni Pol’ once home to a mill owner who went on to become the city’s municipal commissioner. Don’t miss the Madanmohan Haveli, it’s over 400 years old.

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