iSurprise Sankadi Sheri

A ‘narrow lane’ with big Havelis, built by the city’s gold traders.

Our Sankdi Sheri is the street along which big business takes place behind small doors and in narrow lanes
— Ramanlal, goldsmith and trader

Narrow lane

The old city of Ahmedabad is often a place of ironies and strange names! The name ‘Sankdi Sheri’ means ‘narrow lane ‘, but a walk through this place will reveal that it is in fact, one of the wider roads in town! Lined with old important buildings, Sankdi Sheri forms the artery of the old city’s business hub. The street slowly rises as it moves away from the hustle bustle of the market, to a quieter residential area.

Ahmedabad Heritage

Deewanji ni Haveli is a fine example of a restored Haveli. Now home to the ‘Ahmedabad Heritage Centre’, managed by local architect Rajiv Patel - who self handedly restored a number of crumbling havelis in the old city. This particular haveli is fascinating for its ancient rainwater harvesting system. An underground collection tank collects rainwater from the courtyard and roofs, and an elaborate system of underground wells keeps it cool for the dry summer months.

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