iEat Shree Himmatlal Kharkhardiya

A good place for traditional farsaan in Doshiwada ni Pol

Business in the old city is like no other place, the strong bond and trust among the people is not easily found elsewhere
— Chetan Nagar

Gujarati snacks

A popular local snack joint, this shop is named after the original founder Himmatlal and their most popular item Kharkhardiya or banana chips. “It was the year 1948, the shop was just a simple porch and they only sold 5 items” says current owner Chetan Nagar, Himmatlal’s cousin. These days Shree Himmatlal Kharkhardiya has a wide assortment of farsaan – typical Gujarati salty snacks - that attracts hundreds of people every day. “The secret to this successful venture is simple, we provide good quality products and good service” says Chetan. They have even opened a second outlet in new Ahmedabad, but Chetan prefers this small shop in the old city: “Conducting business here is like no other place, the strong bond and trust formed among the people is not easily found elsewhere”.

Our favourites

Must try her is the Kharkhardiya (banana chips). They come in two varieties: masala Rs. 240/Kilo and plain (Rs. 180/Kilo). Or try the owner’s special recommended sweet and spicy snack Bhakarwadi (Rs. 200/Kilo).

Insider secret

Another good place in the old city to shop for farsaan is Himmat Lal Khadkhaiya Wala.

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