iShop Tankshal Market

Beautiful market with seasonal produce and colourful goods

In Tankshal market, you will find all the items you need … This market is a treat for women from all over the city who want to shop for their homes and themselves!
— Nitinbhai, shopowner

The colonial coin mint

The Tankshal market gains its name after a large, 19th century haveli that was used as a coin-minting facility. In 1925, the municipality turned it into a girl’s school.

Great variety, great prices

Tankshal market offers a great variety of goods: “From the Doshiwada ni Pol gate you first pass feeta mandir, clothes, stationery and vegetables stalls, then Jain religious items, followed by a line of imitation jewellery shops and gas stoves. Finally near Kalupur station are grain and flower shops” says Nitinbhai, owner of Rajkamal Novelty shop.

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