iShop Chocolate Monggo

Indonesian chocolate with a Belgium touch

Yogya’s first chocolatier

In 2001, the Belgium Thierry Detournay arrived in Indonesia to teach French literature at a local university. Coming from the land famous for its chocolatiers, he was disappointed that despite Indonesia being the world's 3rd largest producer of cocoa, it did not have quality chocolate. So, he starting making his own and the rest is history. MONGGO is now the country’s premier chocolate brand.

The pink Vespa

Back in 2005 when he first started selling his chocolates, Thierry used his old pink Vespa as a mobile vending stall. Every Sunday morning, he would drive to the university, a popular hang-out place. It didn’t take long for the business to take off and now Monggo is sold in shops all over Indonesia and beyond.But as a sweet reminder of how it all started, the pink Vespa is still here.

As a sweet reminder of how it all started, the pink Vespa is still here.

Chocolate factory

This a real chocolate factory! Monggo chocolates are produced right here on the premises and if you’re here during factory hours, you can see the chocolate being made live by some of the 100 workers employed here.

Fusion flavours

Monggo uses the best quality beans from plantations in Java, Sumatra and Celebes, infused with some pretty exotic and unique flavours combining local fruits, herbs and spices. Why not try something different like a red chili chocolate bar (Rp. 45.000 for 100g) or milk chocolate with rendang curry paste (Rp. 37.000 for 80g)?

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