iDrink nDalem Natan Royal Guesthouse

Old royal residence, now charming guesthouse and café

Palace for a king

Mr. Proyodrana was a rich business man who owned the first Rolls Royce in Yogyakarta. In 1857 he built this magnificent kalang mansion for his family, in the eclectic Javanese-European style that was so in fashion for the local elite. The house has a traditional Javanese layout, but is kitted out with European and Chinese decorative elements: the ceiling from Belgium, lamps from Chez Republic and Victorian woodwork and wall tiles from China.

Stay the night

The Proyodrana family has long left Kotagede and for many years their mansion was vacant. In 2012 it was bought by Nasir Tamara and lovingly restored as a guesthouse, art space, batik store and café in one. For Rp. 788.000, you can stay the night in one of the stately rooms furnished with original hand crafted wooden furniture.

Shopping in style

Check out the charming little batik shop. Fine quality fabrics and elegant hand crafted wooden furniture. Far from the touristy Malioboro strip, this is the place to do your shopping in peace and quiet. Batik scarfs start from from Rp. 295.000.

Locals call this house the palace of the merchant king - istana raja dagang.

A cup of java

Enjoya locally brewed Arabika Simalungun (Rp. 15.200) on the lovely shaded porch of the café. Try a snack, the menu reflects the mansion’s eclectic style, dishing up fusion food with some pretty unusual flavour combinations, like nDalam Natan Fried Casava (Rp27.300), topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

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