iShop Pasar Gedhe

Out-of-the-ordinary goods at this century old traditional market

Historical market

The Kotagede traditional market has been there since the days of Senopati's rule. In those days it was rightfully referred to as Pasar Gedhe - the big market - for it was the single largest commercial centre in South Java. Although the glorious days of the Mataram kingdom are long gone, the market is still very much alive.

Pasar Legi

Try to come on a pasar legi or market day, which is on the every fifth day on the Javanese calendar for a true cultural event! People do not just come here to shop. You will be socialised, be entertained, be healed and be fed. The produce on offer is out-of-the-ordinary.

Try to come on a pasar legi or market day, for a true cultural event!

Must buy

Stock up on the most amazing spices, plants and herbs and nurture your inner soul with amulets, incense, pictures of saints and traditional medicine.

Must try

A large variety of traditional Javanese snacks can be found here. Next to Kotagede’s legendary kipo, other firm local favourites are legomoro (Rp. 3.000 per piece), steamed sticky rice with meat inside, and roti kembang waru (Rp. 2.000 per piece), flower-shaped oven-baked bread delights.

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